Fishing Lure Lots-New, Old, Classic, Vintage Tackle

We often think of buying in lots as something reserved for wholesalers or stores, but this is not the case with new or vintage fishing lures! Ordinary consumers like us can purchase both old collectible lures and newer classic brands in quantity, often saving a bundle of money!

Lot of 4 Topwater Fishing Lures for Bass Lot of 6 japanese squid jigs 2.5Lot of 20 Vintage Lures 7 Berkley Frenzy Crankbaits12 Vintage Fishing Lures Bayou Boogies, Pico Perch and moreLot of 8 Hendryx Vintage Metal Fishing Lures
Fishing lure lots of all sizes, brands, years and condition are plentiful on eBay! This is a great way to buy artificial bait and save a bundle of money too!
Huge Lot of Misc Fishing Lures, wooden, vintageLot of 12 Trolling Flutter Spoons for Downrigger FishingLot of 5 Vintage Cisco Kid Fishing Lures Topper InjuredLot of 5 Classic Collectible Lures-Paw Paw-Luhr Jensen-Pflueger-South Bend ectHuge Fishing Lure Lot-Many Brands

With internet sites like eBay available to us today, fishing lure lots are quite common. If you are not yet an eBay member, I highly recommend signing up. It's super easy, fast and free! Many of the bargains on fishing tackle are quite incredible!

If you are new to the hobby of collecting old lures, buying in lots is a great way to jump-start your collection. You can sift through your find and learn the ins and outs of the many brands and models you'll find in your lot buys, saving the good ones along the way and eventually having a nice display

Lot of 5 Luhr Jensen Tony Accetta Hobo Spoon Fishing LuresLot of 4 Luhr Jensen Hot Shots Fishing LuresLot of 48 Original Luhr Jensen Fishing Bait6 Luhr Jensen Glow in the Dark Needlefish Fishing LuresLarge Lot of 19 Luhr Jensen Wood Vintage Fishing Lures
A few nice Luhr Jensen lure lots. Nice looking lots like these are often found on eBay!

Another great place to find fishing lure lots is garage sales, yard sales and estate sales. It is not uncommon for someone trying to rid their Grandpa's garage of 50 years worth of "stuff" to just put out entire tackle boxes of lures!

Lot of 6 Arbogast Topwater Bass Lures/Jitterbugs & Hula PoppersLot of 4 Fred Arbogast Jitterbug Fishing Lures Lot of 8 Wooden Arbogast Lures New in BoxesDealer Box of 4 Fred Arbogast Tru Shad Vintage Fishing LuresLot of eight Arbogast Hula Popper Vintage Fishing Lures
Lot finds like these are always welcome whether a collector or an avid angler!

This is where the gems are found amongst the clutter, often for just a few dollars. Look for rusted, dented, trashy looking steel boxes. Most people have no idea the value of the contents inside. Often they will leave discarded antique lure boxes which are sometimes worth more than the lures!

Lot of 3 Bagley Fishing Lures New in PackageVintage Bagley Lure Lot of 3 Neon Green Color/MintLot of 4 Bagley All Bras Honey B Lureslot of 5 Vintage Smithwick Rogue Fishing Lures in Box/New Old StockLot of 2 Classic Smithwick Devils Horse Fishing LuresLot of 13 Vintage Smithwick Fishing Lures
Everyone loves a bargain on Bagley & Smithwick lot lure deals!

It is also very common to find newer lures still in their boxes amongst these lot buys. Lures brands such as Helin or Bagley are still highly sought after by both collectors and avid anglers and can be purchased for a fraction of retail in a good lot find.

Lot of 6 Helin Flatfish Fishing Lures Lot of 6 Helin Fishcake Wood Fishing Lures Red-Black SpinnersLot of 6 Worden's Helin Flatfish Fishing LuresLot of 31 Helin Flatfish Lures/Mostly Vintage Pieces6 Helin Flatfish Fishing Lures New in Box
Incredible savings are easy to find on Helin lure lots, especially the Flatfish bait.

Another fantastic aspect of this method of buying is that you will often find very old lures in bad condition. The seller may think these classic collectibles are not worth anything because they are chipped and missing hooks & eyes ect.

Lot listing of 4 Rebel Minnow Crankbait Fishing LuresLot of 7 New Bomber Fishing Lures Lot of 24 New Lures/Worm Harness Leech/Minnow/SpinnerLot of 3 New Erie Dearie Elite Series Fishing LuresLot of 5 New Mepps Fishing Lures Spinners/Assorted

Shopping for brand New Fishing Lure Lots on eBay can save you a bundle of money!

Lot of 12 new fishing spoon lures 2.25Lot of 16 New Bass-Trout-Redfish-Crankbait Fishing LuresLot of 30 New Saltwater/Freshwater Spoon LuresPanther Martin Fishing Lures Lot of 20 NewYo Zuri Crystal Minnow Lot of 5 Crank Bait Fishing Lures

However, a collector seeking a specific glass eye, original hook or steel propeller for his antique lures can purchase the pieces he needs for a steal with a good lot find!

Lot of 10 Vintage Rapala Fat Rap Fishing LuresLot of 5 Rapala Lures New in BoxLot of 8 Magnum Pre-Rapala Hot n Tot Fishing LuresLot of 10 Rapala Original Floating Minnow F-5 Fishing LuresLot of 17 assorted Rapala Fishing Lures
Rapala lure lots are very popular on eBay at huge savings!

Whether you are an avid angler seeking some new lures for your next outing or a hard core collector in need of a specific brand or piece of a "hard to find" lure, buying in lots can be a very cost effective way to enhance to your collection.