Vintage Heddon Fishing Reels

James Heddon was an inventor of early fishing tackle. The creative angler was also successful in politics and newspaper printing, which gave him an advertising advantage once he decided to begin his tackle company.

The brilliant designer of fishing equipment began by building lures and moved into other areas of fishing tackle after he started his business with the help of a $1,000.00 loan from his son, W.T. Heddon. James' son was able to lend his father the funds after the start of his own successful telephone company in 1897.

James died in 1911. Fortunately, his sons, Will and Charles, continued to manage the company and manufactured valuable fishing tackle for anglers all over the world.

Vintage Heddon 295 Spin-Matic Saltwater Spinning ReelVintage Heddon Spinning Reel 222 w/BoxVintage Heddon Mark 4 3200 Bait Caster
A few classic vintage Heddon fishing reels.

The Heddon Company introduced its tournament casting reel during the early 1920s. This classic piece of fishing equipment was one of the company's finest reels. The original line included on the device was braided silk and the reel itself was constructed out of silver plating. The reel includes the Heddon's Dowagiac label and fortunate collectors may be able to acquire this reel with its original leather case.

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In 1929, the Heddon Company released the Winona Fishing Reel. It is painted black and includes the label Winona James Heddon's Sons Dowagiac, Michigan. Additionally, the reel is five inches wide and three quarter inches thick.

Heddon's 445 Trolling Reel will add quality to a collection of vintage fishing equipment. Collectors can recognize this reel by its painted black base, which is framed in silver nickel plating. The reel features a rubber crank along with a free spool and drag device.

Vintage Heddon No. 320 Daisy Fly ReelVintage Heddon Model 310 Fly Fishing Reel
Heddon 310 & 320 vintage fly reels.

Collectors will be pleased to add Heddon's Auto Fly Reel number 57 to their accumulation of classic tackle. The reel is self-stripping and is embossed with the title Heddon Automatic Free Stripping James Heddon & Sons label. Collectors who use their vintage equipment will appreciate the quality manufacturing of a Heddon reel and will be thrilled with the number of fish the reel will consistently pull in.

The Heddon Company's reel 3-25 was issued from 1926 until 1931. Collectors should confirm the Heddon label and will know that they've found an authentic edition when they spy the white rubber crank handles along with the classic silver material used to create the reel.

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The number 206 Lone Eagle reel was introduced in 1936 and was produced until 1941. Collectors on the search for this reel can identify it by the Made In U.S.A. patented stamp on the bottom along with the James Heddon's Sons Dowagiac, Mich label and the nickel plated material used for its construction.

The Pal P-41 casting reel manufactured by Heddon will make a great addition to a collector's compilation of traditional fishing equipment. The reel conveniently has a removable head ring for simple cleaning and oil application. Furthermore, it was produced with nickel plating and includes cream colored grips. The reel's quality construction features level wind technology and has the Heddon label.

Vintage reel collectors will want to add the deep green Heddon Mark IV 3200 reel to their tackle boxes. Moreover, anglers who use an outstanding piece of fishing equipment to catch their dinner such as the Mark IV will marvel at the durable manufacturing of Heddon reels.

Heddon's 284 spinning reel was produced in green during 1960 with an anti-reverse clicker control. Also, the reel was constructed to be used with the left or right-hand. The 284 fishing implement is printed with the words Convertible, Ball Bearings, Super Alloy and Solid Spool, which makes it easier for collectors to spot.

The long history of the Heddon Company should inspire confidence in collectors of vintage reels as the sturdy construction of its reels was built to last.