History of Storm - Rapala Fishing Lures

Antique Storm Lures -Rapala Company

The Storm Company was started in 1964 and successfully manufactured numerous classic fishing lures including the Wiggle Wart, Hot 'N Tot and the Chug Bug. During the late 1990s, Storm lures were purchased by the Rapala Company.

The Rapala Company began in 1936 when Lauri Rapala, a poor Finish farmer, created his first fishing lure. The lure was crude, but it created a tempting injured minnow movement when it was pulled through fish infested waters. This initial lure was the foundation for a number of Rapala fishing lures.

Lauri started his lure company between 1945 and 1955. He had begun selling his lures before World War II, but was interrupted when the war began. After the war ended, Lauri was able to continue selling his self-constructed lures. Fortunately, his family decided to join his business and the company was able to grow.

The Rapala family worked hard and created new designs and manufacturing techniques during the 1950s. Lauri was insistent upon creating quality for his customers and tested every lure produced to make sure that each item provided the correct action. This quality control is still in use today as each Rapala lure is checked for the appropriate action before it is packaged.

Rapala experienced several events that propelled the company into the fishing lure spotlight. First, the 1952 Helsinki Olympic Games brought visitors to Finland who discovered Rapala's lures and brought them out of the country. After anglers successfully fished with Rapala's lures, they were interested in acquiring more, which allowed the company to begin exporting them.

The next event occurred in 1962 when Life magazine printed an informative article about the Rapala Company. The article was published in the same edition as an editorial about the recently deceased actress Marilyn Monroe, which broke records for the magazine's distribution and gave Rapala an extended amount of advertisement. The company found itself needing to increase production to keep up with orders.

Rapala is still creating new lures for anglers. However, several vintage lures will interest collectors such as the Rapala Shad Rap lure, which was built as a long cast crank bait with a rattle. The lure is designed to look like a minnow and fishermen can cast or troll with this piece of fishing equipment.

Another vintage Rapala fishing lure for anglers to consider is the Floating Minnow, which is built from balsa wood and can be used to catch numerous species of big game fish.

Fishermen interested in classic lures can locate Rapala's Deep Runner that includes a metal diving lip. This piece of fishing equipment is silver with a black back and measures an estimated two and a half inches long.

The Rapala Company continued to develop the Storm line and during 2002 designers created the soft plastics line. However, the company discovered that many anglers were using unique methods to rebuild the old lures that they remember. For example, some fishermen were re-rigging, melting down and even repainting lures. These reports encouraged Rapala to begin producing new lures from the original Storm molds. Fortunately, purists who are uninterested in reproductions can still locate a large number of Storm's classic lures.

Storm's vintage line includes items such as Wee Warts. This piece of tackle was manufactured in a number of colors including black and tan. Other antique selections are Hellbenders, which is a minnow styled lure that collectors will be able to find in white or grey and black stripped.

Fisherman interested in classic fishing lures will certainly catch a large number of fish with the Storm Magnum Wart. This historic lure is about four inches long, which is a size that will make large fish take notice. The shiny silver minnow body and hooks will zip through the water with just the right amount of vibration.

Before Rapala bought the Storm line, the company manufactured the Thin Fin. A yellow, orange, blue and green lure, this fish tempting device was constructed to fill an angler's stringer. Another popular Thin Fin lure is the green silver version, which is three and a half inches long. It features a realistic eye and scales.

Anglers who prefer to fish with vintage lures should consider investing in the Wiggle Wart two inch lure. The top of the lure is manufactured to look like a minnow while the underside is colored bright orange to attract fish.

Collectors of rare antique fishing lures will be interested in the Storm Bass Hog. This fishing implement is sold in several color combinations such as purple and white, yellow and white, orange and white along with black and white.

Anglers who buy the Storm Thunderstick can add a rare lure to their tackle box. When collectors locate this item in a blue pearl color with an orange belly, they are finding a unique piece. This lure also features a glitter finish and is four and a half inches in length. The Thunderstick was designed as crank bait or suspended bait and is a lure that will remain at a set level when an angler stops reeling in his or her line.

The Storm Company also produced the Lightnin' Shad lure. This fishing lure is green with black stripes and was designed to look like a minnow. Moreover, a Storm Shallo Mac lure is the perfect device to attract stripers while bass will be tempted by Storm's Thin Fins, which are an estimated three inches long. Additionally, the Thin Fins are painted shiny silver and anglers may find different colored eyes such as yellow or silver.

Collectors will be interested in unique Storm lures such as the Short Wart. This particular fish enticement was produced in a color called Tennessee Shad with a body size that measures just over two inches in length. Another rare piece is the Storm Texas Shad lure. This piece of fishing tackle is one of the first rattle bait items created.

The Storm Company manufactured a line of fluorescent rainbow lures. This classic piece of tackle was produced in the Wiggle Wart style and is a great addition to a fisherman's tackle box.

Fisherman will experience numerous days of reaching their fishing limit with Storm's Wildeye Swim Shad Giant Muskie Musky Swim Bait. At nine inches long, this lure is meant to attract the big fish. It was constructed to shift through the water with lifelike movement and is designed for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Determined lure collectors will be able to find vintage lures that are still in the original packaging, which will increase the classic quality of each lure. Furthermore, anglers who prefer to catch their fish with traditional lures will appreciate the value of the Storm product line.