History of Helin Fishing Lures

Vintage Helin Lures For Today's Angler

The Helin Tackle Company started with creator Charles Helin, who was from Detroit, Michigan, in 1933. The designer invented a flatfish lure design, which he had patented in 1936. Helin claimed to have sold at least 5 million fishing lures just before 1950. After the end of World War II, the Helin Company's sales figures quadrupled to 24.5 million lures.

The Flatfish lure was initially constructed from hardwood, but during the 1940s, the lure designer decided to change the material to a tough plastic. Additionally, Charles Helin moved his business to Canada and opened manufacturing plants in the cities of Lasalle and Windsor. According to the Helin Company's advertising material, the plants were creating more than 5000 lures each day with shipments sent throughout the world. In fact, the lure innovator lived rather luxuriously, and a picture taken of him and Miss Universe flying in style on his personal aircraft named the "Flying Flatfish V" was printed proving the success of his tackle company.

Charles Helin employed his cousin Ernest E. Seeger in his manufacturing plant and Seeger became inspired by Helin's designs and had an idea of his own. In 1957, Seeger received a patent for his articulating lure that he named Twin-Fish. Seeger's work experience at the Helin Tackle Company gave him the opportunity to pursue his career dreams.

The Helin Tackle Company continued to increase its product line and in 1971, fishermen could choose from 21 models with 37 different color blends.

The famous Helin Flatfish is currently manufactured by Yakima Bait Company from Granger, Washington. However, Charles Helin placed strict guidelines on the production of his lures to ensure his product's quality and now anglers have over 50 distinct color combinations available to them along with 11 sizes of these classic lures.

Helin lures are heavily respected in the fishing community for their durability and lasting design. Collectors can find vintage lures that will still tempt a fish to strike. Furthermore, Helin created his lures for flexibility as anglers can cast with them or use them when trolling for fish.

Classic lure collectors will surely be interested in the Helin Fishcake Baitcast lure, which is three inches in length and painted reptile green. The lure features a fish attention grabbing red spinner and has three hooks to capture the big ones. Additionally, the Helin Fishcake wooden lure will tempt numerous species of fish. This dependable lure is two and a half inches long with two hooks. It can be found in a greyish green shade with brown spots.

The vintage Fishcake number seven was constructed in 1956 and is one and three quarter inches in length. The lure includes a spinner to provide fish attracting movement and is bright red.

The Helin Tackle Company's original wood lures can still be located by collectors. Furthermore, unique colors are on the market including solid blue and a combination blue and orange Flatfish lure.

The Helin Tackle Company manufactured its classic Flatfish with a treble hook, which is a hook that includes three shanks along with three points that are spaced equally on a single eye. Anglers can purchase the vintage fishing device in orange with black spots.

Anglers will be pleased to add a rare bright red speckled Flatfish lure to their collection of bait. At four and a half inches, this vintage lure will be a great addition to most fishermen's tackle boxes. Moreover, collectors will be able to locate classic Flatfish lures in pristine condition.

Another traditional Helin Flatfish lure that is considered a rarity is the mustard yellow lure, which is speckled with red and black spots. Anglers who prefer to invest in vintage lures will discover that Helin's classic designs will help them reach their daily fish limit.

The vintage Helin Lu Flatfish lure can also be found in mustard yellow with black enhancements. The lures coloring will create plenty of contrast when fish are viewing it underwater. Also, the lure is about three and a quarter inches long and is outfitted with three hooks.

Fishermen with a preference for classic vintage lures will want to locate a Helin SPS wooden lure. At three and a half inches long, this lure is sure to attract large fish. Collectors can find the Helin SPS lure in deep black with red mesh augmentation.

Another Helin design for fishermen to consider is the Flyrod Flatfish lure. Anglers can buy the fishing device in red with black spots. Also, original fishing tips are often included with classic lures, which is still relevant information for fishing today.

The Helin Swimmerspoon vintage lure has been a tackle box staple for years. Collectors will enjoy owning the rare unfinished 600 edition. The lure measures eight inches in length and has two hooks attached. Additionally, the Swimmerspoon 350 was manufactured with a curved tin backing and includes a plastic belly in numerous colors such as bright yellow with red spots. Another color choice is the black and brown combination in a mesh pattern.

Charles Helin was a fishing lure designer who knew how to create bait that fish would bite. For approximately 80 years, anglers have successfully used Helin's lures to fill their stringers and this durable design is sure to be catching fish for 80 more.