History of Paw Paw Fishing Lures

The Collectability Of Paw Paw Lures

The Paw Paw Bait Company was established over 80 years ago. Interestingly, the business began as the Moonlight Bait Company, which was created by Horace Ball and Charles Varney in 1908.

The duo started the bait company by carving detailed wood fishing lures. Additionally, the novice lure designers advertised their business with a focus on night fishing and added an enhanced gleam for better night visibility to some of their early lures. Also, the name Moonlight Bait Company announced their night fishing specialty.

The Paw Paw Bait Company obtained the Moonlight business during the late 1920s. Furthermore, the company manufactured its line of fishing lures until 1970 when the Paw Paw Bait Company was purchased by Shakespeare.

Sears was a client of the Paw Paw Bait Company and the lures that were bought by the retail giant were sold under the Meadowbrook Lures brand. Sears had both Meadowbrook and Paw Paw boxes on store shelves and sent them to catalog ordering fishermen as well. Additionally, Sears had its own tracking system for the lures, which didn't differentiate color. Therefore, the Paw Paw lures that were sold through Sears had between two to four colors classified under the same tracking number.

Vintage fishing lure collectors will want to add Paw Paw products to their tackle box for the amazing detail of each lure. Additionally, if a collector should receive a vintage Paw Paw lure in an orange box, then they could be acquiring a leftover fishing apparatus from the original Moonlight Company, which will add to the history of their classic lure.

Another old container for collectors to watch out for is the yellow box with pictures advertising large fish caught with Paw Paw bait on the inside cover. Fishing lure collectors who receive this old box with their lure will know that they have a vintage item as the boxes were used from the late 1920s into the 30s.

An early lure worthy of an angler's interest is the Bullhead lure. The original piece was manufactured around 1929 and features a white body with a scarlet head. It has realistic eyes and two hooks.

The Paw Paw Mouse lure was designed to mimic a swimming mouse and is sure to catch the attention of larger fish. The mouse was created with a furry coat and long tail that stretches out behind it as an angler reels it in.

In the 1930s, the Paw Paw Company added a Flyrod lure to its product line. These small lures were sold in a number of colors such as iridescent white with red accents and mesh patterned green with red highlights. Another Flyrod style for collectors to consider is the feather minnow, which was manufactured in bright red with yellow and grey feathers. The lure will create a lot of movement in the water and is sure to catch a fish's attention.

The company also manufactured the Bass Wobbler during the 1930s. The classic wood lure features three hooks and a yellow body with a red head and eyes.

The Paw Paw Company never deviated from its detailing, which can be seen in the Paw Paw Wotta Frog Junior fishing lure that was available to anglers in the late 1950s. The wood body is approximately two and three quarter inches with lustrous reptile green coloring and a dark green splatter enhancement. The underbelly is white and the lure includes authentic eye detailing.

Another Paw Paw collectible fish tempting device is the Caster Bait fishing lure. The bait was built to mimic a minnow and features a lip, which will assist the lure in avoiding debris. Anglers will find the lure in a net patterned yellowish green with black accents for contrast. The lure contains two hooks and detailed eyes. Furthermore, the lure is jointed for extra underwater movement.

The vintage Paw Paw Bass Caster will be a successful addition to any fishing lure collectors tackle box. The wood lure measures about two and three quarter inches with a blended white and black mesh patterned body. Moreover, the fishing implement was manufactured with a debris blocking lip and two hooks.

The classic Lucky Lure made by the Paw Paw Company can still be found by lure collectors today. The fish enticing device was designed to look like a minnow. It has a green and gold body along with three hooks and red accents on its mouth.

Anglers who prefer to fish with classic bait will want to add Paw Paw's Surface Minnow fishing lure to their collections. This trusty lure is almost four inches long and is painted a natural green with enhanced scaling details in a darker green hue. The lure has two hooks and spinners at the nose end and at the tail end, which will create a fish attracting disturbance as it's pulled through the water.

Vintage wood Paw Paw collectibles include the Pencil Bait fishing device. The lure is long at almost five inches and was sold in several color choices. Anglers could try fishing with the bright orange, yellow and dark green Pencil Bait lure or the black lure that is red speckled. Additionally, the bait contains three treble hooks and its size is meant to tempt larger fish.

Paw Paw's wood Popper lure is considered a classic piece of fishing equipment and its three inch size makes it an attraction for good sized bass. The lure is best used for lake fishing and its greyish green web patterned body is bound to encourage a few bites.

The Paw Paw Bait Company built beautifully detailed lures for their customers. Fortunately, a number of the original lure owners saw the value of these pieces and kept them in good condition. Vintage lure collectors will surely appreciate adding a mint condition Paw Paw lure to their display case.