Mepps Vintage Fishing Lures

For collectors, Mepps isn't really one of the most sought after lures even though they've been around since the 1930's. In the USA, most fishermen never heard of them until the 1950's and most not until many years after that.

Two Mepps Black Fury Spinners/#3 and #4
The Black Fury is still wildly popular today by both anglers and Bass!

These spinners, however, are very nice. They are superbly crafted and they work! I remember as a kid the first time I bought a Mepps Black Fury. I couldn't believe the way the Bass hit on that thing! I think I gave my Red Devil away to my sister after that day and never looked back!

Mepps Comet Spinner Lures #4 - #6Vintage Mepps Comet 2 Minnow Spinner France
Two vintage Mepps Comet Minnow Spinners

While there are certainly some vintage Mepps lures hobbyists will want to display, these older lures are more commonly purchased for actual use, and they can be found very cheaply on sites like eBay.

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Many of the older Mepps spinners being offered for sale are still in the original packaging and the selection of sizes is surprisingly plentiful!

Lot of 6 Mepps Musky Giant Killer Tandem Bucktail LuresLot of 8 Vintage Mepps Spinning LuresLot of 6 Mepps Blue Fox Rooster Tail Vibrax In-Line SpinnersLot of 5 New Mepps 3 Skirted Original French Spinners
Fantastic deals can be found on Mepps fishing lures when bought in lots!

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Want a super sized deal? Try some of the Mepps "Lot" auctions on eBay. There are plenty of these being offered from 2 lures to 50 on any given day. It is amazing how cheaply one can fill a tackle box with quality lures this way.

Mepps Giant Killer Musky Lure Yellow 8 inch7 inch Mepps Musky Killer SpinnerMepps Sheldon Musky Killer
A few Classic Mepps Musky Killer Lures

Whether you are an old lure collector or an avid, active fisherman, you'll find the lures you want at a price that won't put a dent in your wallet! You can't go wrong with a few vintage Mepps spinners in your lure collection.

Mepps Lusox #1 Spinner Two Mepps Lusox Spinners #0/#1Two Mepps Syclops 3 Spinners

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