South Bend Vintage Fishing Reels

Inventor F.G. Worden began his tackle company around 1895. The lure designer named the business after his Indiana home town calling it the South Bend Bait Company. Initially, the innovator sold wooden minnows, which created a small local consumer base for his bait. However, after he teamed up with F.A. Bryan, B.W. Oliver and F. L. Dennis in 1909, the company grew.

The South Bend Bait Company asked businessman Ivar Hennings to join their corporation in 1910, and he helped the fishing equipment company sell tackle all over the country and internationally as well.

Vintage South Bend Spin Cast 77 Casting Fishing Reel Made in USAVintage South Bend Spin Cast 77 Casting Fishing Reel USA
Two classic South Bend Spin Casters

By 1929 South Bend was selling reels, and the tackle company even bought space in a magazine to advertise its Level-Winding anti-backlash reel.

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Collectors of vintage tackle equipment will be pleased to add the South Bend number 1000 Oreno to their set of reels. South Bend's classic fishing appliance was originally sold promoting its level winding construction along with a capability to prevent backlash. Additionally, the reel was produced in nickel plating and features two cream colored handles. Furthermore, collectors will appreciate the quality engraving of the South Bend label on the base.

When a collector locates the unnumbered Arc South Bend reel, he or she will have found a special piece. In some cases, collectors may even find this reel with the original leather case. The reel is constructed from nickel plating and includes a rubber crank handle along with brass enhancements set inside the reel. Furthermore, collectors will recognize the Arc South Bend by the braid pattern stamped around its frame.

Vintage South Bend 1122 Fly Fishing Reel Spool 001Vintage South Bend Fly Reel 1180 Automatic w/BoxVintage South Bend Oren-O-Matic No. 1130 Fly Reel
Old South Bend Fly Reels are very popular today.

The South Bend Bait Company also released a variety of fly reels, which collectors can add to their tackle boxes. For example, the 1130 Automatic Fly Reel will be a remarkable addition with its nickel plated material and braid pattern stamped frame.

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Another South Bend collectible reel is the St. Joe Fly Reel. The fishing implement's striking frame in a spoke design will impress anglers with a preference for classic fishing equipment while the black crank handle will ensure each fish is pulled easily from the water.

The Bakelite Fly Reel number 1150 is a classic fishing device that collectors of vintage tackle will enjoy owning. The reel is painted black and features a small crank handle.

The South Bend Bait Company's number 50 level wind fishing reel is a stunning piece of fishing equipment. Furthermore, the reel is a unique teardrop shape with greyish green paint.

Vintage South Bend 1905-07/1131-A Casting Reel/Front ViewExcellent South Bend 1905-07 1131-A Casting Reel
Antique South Bend Caster in excellent condition!

The number 350A was also constructed in an unusual shape. The reel is almost round, but features a peak at one end. Furthermore, the reel is engraved with an oval South Bend Bait Company logo along with the words "Quality Tackle" in the center. The reel includes two sturdy plastic handles and is constructed from nickel plating.

An eye-catching piece of fishing tackle known as the Auto Fly Reel number 1180 is waiting for collectors of South Bend's vintage equipment. The reel is painted scarlet red on one side while the other was left the natural silver plating. Furthermore, the device is engraved with the phrase "Famous In Fishing" on the reel mounted side.

South Bend added a bright yellow frame to its 1000 Model G reel. Additionally, the plastic handles were produced in the same color. The remainder of the reel is nickel plated while the South Bend label is stamped on the base. Collectors of the Model G will certainly be adding a noticeable reel to their acquisition of fishing equipment.

South Bend reels are responsible for helping numerous anglers reach their limit of fish. Furthermore, the reel maker's history of building quality products will add value to any collector's accumulation of fishing equipment.