Vintage Luhr Jensen Fishing Lures

Luhr Jensen lures began in 1932 with an angler named Luhr Jensen Sr. and the Great Depression. The country's economic conditions caused the family's orchard to fail, and Jensen found himself with plenty of time on his hands along with a printing press, dyes and carving talent.

Vintage Luhr Jensen South Bend Nip-I-Diddee Special

Jensen began making hand-crafted salmon spinners using the expertise he had gained as a successful angler. When his close friends and prior business acquaintances heard that Jensen was creating lures, they began requesting them and his business was up and running.

After a few years, Luhr was making enough of a profit to employ several staff members who helped him cut, build and perfect his lures. Additionally, Jensen put his daughter and teenage son on the payroll, after their school hours, and the tackle business flourished.

Vintage Luhr Jensen Hot Shot SE 012 .05 ounce Steelhead Salmon LureLot of 15 Vintage Jensen Hot Shot 3 Lures 2.5 inch
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Jensen continued inventing new lures including the renowned Ford Fender. In building the Fender lure, Jensen had acquired a reflector from a Model A headlight and created the lure from this section of the vehicle. The tackle constructor also added blades to his new design.

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Luhr Jensen Sr. died many years ago. However, his lures continue to perform for anglers today. In fact, several Luhr Jensen products have had an enduring quality such as the Dipsy Diver, Super Duper and the Krocadile.

Hot Shot Luhr Jensen 40 Silver/Black Top 5433Vintage Luhr Jensen Kroodile Spoon WobblerHot Shot Luhr Jensen Vintage Lure 30 Crawfish 5433-030-96

Classic tackle collectors should consider adding a vintage Krocodile lure to their bait set. The company produced the Krocodile edition in a number of color options, and collectors can find the glow-in-the-dark lures painted in light and dark green along with yellow, blue and red. The lures typically have the color lined across the bottom with the base painted a neutral cream color. Furthermore, the Krocodile is equipped with a simple treble hook at its tail end and is generally considered a tackle box staple.

The Pink Lady diving plane is another vintage piece of fishing equipment that will interest avid lure collectors. The device is constructed to pull a lure down deep into the water and is constructed for use when trolling. The pink plastic plane includes hardware attachments and stainless steel bars.

Vintage Luhr Jensen Bass Oreno Wood Fishing Lure New in PackageLuhr Jensen Sons, Inc. Herring Magic Live Bait Holder NIP

The Wood Cutter Luhr Jensen lure is a unique item for collectors to come across. The fish enticement is shaped like a small fish with details that include a realistic white belly, green coloring on the lure's back and a red mouth. The yellow glass eyes are a classic addition, and the two treble hooks will help fill an angler's creel.

The Tee Spoon spinner is a durable piece of bait. The chrome lure will flash as it's pulled through the water with the goal of enticing large fish. Additionally, the lure designer added colorful beads to add to its water displacement while the treble hook will keep a fish caught on the angler's line.

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A Luhr Jensen Needlefish Spoon lure will add diversity to any collector's group of classic fishing equipment. The lure is clearly labeled with its name and brand. Additionally, vintage lure creators should look for its gold colored finish and red tip. This classic item also has superb scale detailing and is equipped with a treble hook.

Collectors of vintage fishing equipment will appreciate the heavy quality metal of the original spoon lures. The Hood River Oregon spoons were produced in 24K gold plating with scale detailing for reduced maintenance while the Hot Shot lure is another classic collectible. The device is almost three inches long and features a noise making rattle. Also, the lure is silver and has a fish trapping treble hook.

Luhr Jensen lures are a tackle box staple that can be used to complete a fine display of fishing lures, or out in the water attracting dinner.