Vintage Bagley Fishing Lures

Whether you are a vintage lure collector for display purposes or like using older bait styles when fishing, owning at least a few Bagley lures are essential pieces of tackle for this hobby!

Vintage Bagley Kill R B 1 Balsa w/BoxEarly Bagley Bang O Lure in Box w Paper
New old stock (NOS) for some lucky collector!

Finding older lures from this company in great condition at reasonable prices is not difficult. From the classic Bagley Balsa lures, minnows, craw-fish and a variety of other models and styles, there's plenty of "fish food" to choose from on the internet for your next outing.

Bagley Balsa B Wedge Lip Fishing LureBang O Lure Balsa Wood w SpinnerBagley's Balsa Go Devil 2Vintage Balsa B-1 Salesman Sample Lure 1970s-No Hooks (BBI-74)Vintage Bagley Balsa B4 Lure
A few samples of the many Bagley classic balsa lures available.

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For Fishing lure collectors not actually fishing with this artificial bait, many Bagley pieces can be found in perfect condition. New old stock (NOS) is rather abundant since this company is not as old as many of the other popular brands hobbyists collect. Perfect for a superior looking display!

Why so many nice lures for such great prices? Every day, all across the USA, people are given the task of cleaning out an elderly relative's home once they've passed on or have sold the house.

Bagley's BB3 Olive on Chartreuse Tough Color Crankbait LureBagley Bang O Lure B3 Brass RHW Red Head on White CrankbaitBagley's Lure Tall Walker 4Bagley's Bait Co. 50th Anniversary Crankbait 5 inch Bagley Monster Shad Musky Pike Bass Lure
Some nice Bagley's crankbait. Love the 50th anniversary limited edition,wow!

It is not uncommon to find entire stashes of fishing tackle hiding in the attic, garage or basement. Often the lures are in good shape and sometimes there are unopened boxes of Bagley bait! You know how fanatical us fisherman are, we can't buy "just one" lure!

Bagley Rainbow Trout Bang O LureBagley Bang O Lure Brass Hook HangersVintage Bagley Bang O Lure 2/Striped Black on ChartreuseVintage Bagley Swivel Hip Bang O Lure 5
A few samples of Bagley's Bang-O-Lure vintage collectibles.

Not being interested in fishing and just wanting to get rid of things, many of these kinds of finds are placed on internet auction sites, craigslist or even given away to thrift stores. Most find their way on eBay and this is great news for us lure collectors!

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Many of the classics such as the Bang O Lures, Balsa B and Small Fry models can still be found with the original box.

Vintage Bagley Diving Lure Small Fry ShadBagley Diving Lure Small Fry Crayfish DC2 rawdad on OrangeBagley DKB1 Blue on Blue Diving LureVintage Bagley Diving Honey B1 Tough Color Lure All BrassVintage Bagley's Diving Lure DB06-GBM 6 inch Green

Whether you are seeking mint condition lures for your collection or want to grab some older designs for your tackle box, the Bagley line of lures is sure to enhance your display or grab the attention of that elusive prize fish you've been after for years!