Vintage Creek Chub Fishing Lures

There is no question that Creek Chub is amongst the most sought after lure brand of vintage artificial bait tackle by collectors and hobbyists worldwide. You would be hard-pressed to find a display without at least a few classic Creek Chub fishing lures to show off.

Creek Chub Shur Strike Baby Jointed Pikie Lure 1940sCreek Chub Wiggle Diver 1800 Plastic Lure w/BoxOld Wood Fishing Lure Creek Chub Darter PerchVintage ccb deep diver creek chub jointed pikie 8Creek Chub Crawdad Wiggler Minnow Circa 1950s
Vintage Creek Chub lures similar to these can often be found for $10-$20.

Being one of the first big bait & tackle companies in the USA, there are plenty of beautiful lures available, even today. Whether you are a hard core collector seeking that very rare piece to complete your collection, or a hobbyist just starting out, there is likely an old Creek Chub lure available that suits your needs and budget!

Creek Chub 100 Wiggler Wood Fishing Lure Glass EyesCreek Chub Shur-Strike Injured Minnow Silver FlashAntique Creek Chub Jointed Snook Pikie 5518 Fishing LureCreek Chub 2 Hook Injured Minnow Fishing Lure WoodenVintage Creek Chub 3219 Plunker in Frog
All of these classic Creek Chub lures sold for under $30 each on the internet!

The internet has made collecting these lures much easier today than it was just 2 decades ago. Lures are easily shipped safely and cheaply, making them a very appealing collectible to buy, sell or trade anywhere in the world!

"Find a fantastic selection of vintage Creek Chub Lures on eBay at low, bargain prices!"

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While fishing is still a wildly popular outdoor sport today, it was just as popular at the turn of the century. It has always been an exciting sport to anglers from all generations, however, with the development and availability of artificial bait by companies like Creek Chub, interest in fishing exploded in the early 1900s.

Creek Chub Wiggle Jig LureCreek Chub Baby Dingbat Lure Tuff Frog ColorVintage Creek Chub Husky Pikie Fishing Lure w/BoxCreek Chub Morgan Special Uncatalogued LureCreek Chub Deep Dive Jointed Pikie in Rare Black Sucker 19
These respectable Creek Chub vintage fishing lures were purchased for $35-$50 each.

Anglers of the time couldn't wait to get into town and try the latest lures, many of which were branded Creek Chub. The lures worked and the new designs and models sold like crazy! Many a fisherman had enough lures in his possession that several tackle boxes were needed to store them!

Today many of those old lures are valuable, collectible antiques. People today often stumble upon boxes of tackle tucked away in the attic or shed of a deceased friend or relative and list them on auction sites like eBay. They know it's "old" and has value, but generally they have no clue what it's worth. This is how the real bargains are found!

Creek Chub Snook Plunker 7102 w/Glass Eyes 195Old wooden Creek Chub Musky Fishing LureCollectible Creek Chub Silver Flash Dinger Fishing Lure BlackCreek Chub Dinger Wood Crankbait Plug Model 5600Creek Chub Beetle Lure in Rare Color
For $60-$80, vintage collectible Creek Chub fishing lures like these can be purchased.

Imagine finding an old CC Dingbat plug, a Pikie minnow or a Pike Scale River Rustler to add to your collection? Or a Rare Vintage 1925 Creek Chub Wooden Wiggle Fish in the original box? These types of lures are purchased everyday on the Internet, some at really low prices! It can happen for you too!

Collectible Creek Chub Bomber 6600 series Victory ColorCreek Chub Pop N Dunk Frog Wood Bass NortherVintage Creek Chub Plunking Dinger Wood Fishing Lure w/BoxAntique Creek Chub Wigglefish Lure pre-1936Vintage Creek Chub Tiny Tim Lure Bait Tuff ColorCreek Chub Fire Plug Color Husky Pikie Minnow Fish
Highly sought after lures like these vintage Creek Chub collectibles are available but expect to pay over $100 for these beauties!

Whether you are seeking Creek Chub lures to fish with or need some additional model #'s for your collection or display, you'll find the sizes, colors and styles you need at many different price points. Buying in "Lots" can yield some good Creek Chub lures and is a great way to get started in this hobby without spending a fortune.