Vintage Garcia Fishing Reels

The Abu Garcia tackle business began in Svangsta, Sweden, in 1921. The company, known originally as AB Urfabriken or ABU, initially produced pocket watches, timing devices for telephones and taxi meters. The company's creator, Carl August Borgstrom, was an innovative artisan who honed his remarkable talent during his employment for the Halda watchmaking factory.

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Borgstrom was renowned for his meticulous engineering and ability to construct quality products. When Word War II began, it caused a decline in the business encouraging the company to branch out into another field. Fortunately, ABU chose to build precision fishing reels, and anglers all over the world have benefited from the company's designs.

The company added the name Garcia in 1984 after a merger with a United States based supplier.

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ABU produced its first fishing reel, the ABU Record, in 1941. Additionally, the company introduced an affordable ice-fishing reel after the end of the war named the Pimpel, which is a popular reel for today's collectors. Unfortunately, the reel is now rare and hard to locate.

Vintage Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Cherry Red 5000 Fishing ReelAbu Garcia Ambassadeur 5500C High Speed Reel BlackVintage Abu Garcia 6500 Ambassadeur C3 Two Speed ReelVintage Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5001C left Handed BaitcastVintage Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 2500C Fishing Reel
The Garcia Ambassadeur vintage reels are highly sought after collectibles today.

In 1952, Abu Garcia introduced the Record Ambassadeur Model SG reel, which would become the company's most popular reel. Often, collectors are interested in acquiring the fishing device in classic red. However, ABU also produced the reel in gold, black and green. The casting reel is detailed with a chrome catch. Furthermore, collectors will appreciate the mechanism's wooden handles on the spinner.

Two years later, at the New York World's Fair, Abu Garcia released a follow-up reel titled the Ambassadeur 5000. Collectors will find the reel in black and red along with a purplish black finish that features a red crank handle. The reel includes the Abu trademark along with the company's symbol and was built in Sweden.

Vintage Rare Abu Garcia Cardinal 3 Spinning Reel 84-01Vintage Carinal 4 Royal Plus Spinning Reel by Abu GarciaCardinal 658 Spinning Reel Abu CarciaAbu Garcia Cardinal 757 Vintage Spinning ReelCardinal 653GT Spinning Reel by Abu Garcia
A few samples of the classic Abu Garcia Cardinal fishing reel.

Vintage reel collectors will be interested in adding the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5500C Ball Bearing fishing reel to their display of fishing gear. The reel was constructed in silver, black and red. Additionally, it features the Abu label along with its manufacturing location, which was also in Sweden.

In 1955, the company revealed the first spinning reel called the Abu 444. This vintage reel was produced in steel with a locking arm and collectors can add this classic reel to their accumulation of tackle equipment to display a significant creation in historical fishing gear.

Vintage Mitchell Garcia 300 Fishing Reel w/Box &Vintage Garcia Mitchell 624 Conventional Reel Made in FranceVintage Garcia Mitchell 411 Spinning Reel Left HandedClassic Garcia Mitchell 302 Salt Water ReelVintage Garcia Mitchell Blue 408 Fishing Reel
Some nice samples of vintage Garcia Mitchell reels.

In 1965, the Cardinal spinning reel was unveiled. The reel was built with the quality craftsmanship that Abu Garcia is known for. In fact, the company still produces this reel. The Cardinal was originally produced in red and black. Collectors who add this reel to their fishing equipment may find themselves passing it down to their children or even their grandchildren.

The classic Cardinal Abu Garcia 1203 RT will be a successful find for collectors of vintage tackle. The reel was produced in white and grey with red print. Moreover, the 1203 RT reel will be a fine addition to any vintage fishing equipment collection.

Another reel in the Cardinal line is the Zebco reel. This traditional piece of fishing equipment was manufactured in black and white. Collectors are advised to look for the Cardinal label on the side along with the stainless steel crank.

Vintage reel collectors should also consider adding the timeless Abu Garcia Abumatic 290 closed face spinning reel to their display of classic fishing equipment.

The 4600C3 Ambassadeur is a casting reel constructed in a stainless steel finish. This eye-catching reel includes red and gold print. Furthermore, it features a fast cast label. Additionally, the reel's quality construction will still assist an angler in catching his or her limit of fish.

Abu Garcia reels have been helping fishermen pull in their catch for over 70 years, and the durable quality of their reels will likely have anglers using them for 70 more.