Vintage Helin Fishing Lures

When the Helin Tackle Company is mentioned to a fisherman, many will think of the classic vintage Flatfish lure, especially the old wooden models which are highly collectible today.

Helin M2 Musky Flatfish Lure w/Original Box-Special Color Antique Wood Helin Flatfish SPS Fishing Lure Original Wood Helin Muskie Flatfish Lure M-2 1940s Vintage Collectible Helin Flatfish Fly Rod F4 Lure Tuff Vintage Helin Flatfish T50 Perch Scale Heavy Duty Lure Old Wooden Flatfish Helin U20 Dirty Cream-Black
Some nice collectible classic Helin Flatfish lures. My favorite is the far right wooden one!

Although still in business today under different owners and bound by strict manufacturing requirements, this bait & tackle company is one of big names from way back.

Vintage Helin Fishcake Wood Lure w/Box & Paper-Color SCW Vintage Helin Fishcake Bait Helin Fishcake Red-Yellow Fluorescent w/Box-Paperwork Vintage Helin Fishcake 7 Lure White-Red w/Box Vintage Wood Helin Fishcake Lure Helin Fishcake Wood Lure in Box w/Paper
The Helin Fishcake Lure was introduced in the mid 1950's and became very popular.

The Flatfish lure was patented in the 1930s and many variations, colors and sizes of this classic Helin design are now much desired collectibles for hobbyists around the globe.

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Helin Lure "Lots"

By the early 1970's the Flatfish lure had over 20 modes and close to 40 different color mixes and blends to choose from! This makes for a nice variety of antique and vintage pieces for lure collectors.

The Cake fish is another nice collectible, again, particularly the wooden ones. This lure is still popular today and used by fisherman all the time.

Vintage Helin Swimmerspoon Lure Insert Red Size 200 Helin Swimmerspoon Bait 225 Frog Color Fishing Lure Helin Swimmerspoon SP 350 Orange Helin Swimmerspoon 150 Lure Pair of Helin 250 Swimmerspoon Lures 1960s Helin's Swimmerspoon 350 w/Inserts
Vintage Helin Swimmerspoons. Notice the extra inserts on first and last images.

Whether you are a serious collector seeking some Helin lures for your display, a hobbyist just starting out or an avid angler using this older style bait on your outings, you'll find many fantastic Helin fishing lures to fit your needs and your budget.

There are often great deals to be found on these lures when bought in
"Lots", especially on the internet auction sites. It is not uncommon to win an auction of 15-20 nice lures for a dollar or two each!

Helin Flatfish Lures Lot of 23 Lot of 8 Vintage Helin F5 Flatfish Fly Rod Lures Lot of 3 Helin Flatfish F7 BSS Plastic Crankbait Old Helin Flatfish Lot of 6 Lures
Buying Helin Lures in "Lots" is thrifty and exciting. You never know what goodies will turn up!

You can't go wrong with Helin lures. Every collector's display should have at least a few of these classics in it and every fisherman needs a few models of this bait in their tackle box. 

Vintage Wood Helin Flatfish w/Boxes Lot of 19 Lot of 3 Classic Helin Flatfish X4
Two real nice Helin Lure "lot" auctions!