Vintage J.C. Higgins Fishing Reels

In 1908, the Sears Company decided to create a new brand for its outdoor gear. Executives liked the name of one of their employees and used a variation of his name for their logo. The employee was John Higgins who started his employment with Sears in 1898 as a manger in the main offices. He retired in 1930 and ended his career with Sears as a company comptroller. He died in 1950.

However, his name lives on in the history of the Sears Company as the executives chose the brand name J.C. Higgins to sell a variety of sporting goods products including footballs, shotguns and fishing equipment.

J.C. Higgins Fishing Reel Model 275 31190Vintage Fishing Reel/JC Higgins 3105Vintage J.C. Higgins Model 535-31390 Spinning Reel
The Sears J.C. Higgins reels were quite affordable back in the day.

Collectors of vintage reels will be thrilled to locate a J.C. Higgins 400 reel. In fact, resolute collectors may find these classic reels in the original box along with instructions for its care and use. The reel is labeled with the J.C. Higgins 400 trademark and was manufactured in nickel plating. Furthermore, it includes a traditional rubber crank. Sears embellished the frame with a braid pattern, and the fishing device was produced as a level winding classic casting reel.

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Another collectible J.C. Higgins piece is the 3170 Bait Caster reel. It can be recognized by the subtle silver round label that declares the J.C. Higgins brand and model number. Also, the reel is painted black and includes a red crank. Anglers who like to bring in their catch with a classic reel will appreciate the quality in which Sears made their old equipment.

The J.C. Higgins fishing reel model number 314 is collectible due to its unique cork spool. The reel includes two cream colored crank handles and is painted black. Additionally, collectors will know the reel by the silver supports located on the inside section of the device.

Vintage Engraved Fishing Reel JC Higgins Model #488 No. 312-3108
A beautiful J.C. Higgins model #488 engraved reel.
Vintage Engraved Fishing Reel JC Higgins Model #488 No. 312-3108 Right Side

Anglers who are on the hunt for quality vintage reels will be interested in J.C. Higgins' 3104 model. This striking reel is stamped with the company label and model number. Furthermore, the reel includes two crank handles and many of these classic fish catching devices are in excellent working condition.

Vintage 1920s J.C. Higgins Model 319 Trough Fishing ReelVintage JC Higgins Level Wind Fishing Reel w/Original Box
The classic reels were purchased for less than $30 each on the internet!

The J.C. Higgins number 46 fishing reel is a highly collectible piece of fishing equipment. It is manufactured out of plated nickel and includes durable rubber crank handles. Furthermore, the fishing implement was constructed as a level winding casting reel and is an American made product.

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Anglers who prefer to fish with a reel that has a little flash should consider the J.C. Higgins 312 model. This reel is painted a striking shade of crimson with the J.C. Higgins label stamped subtly around the middle attachment. One side of the reel is all red while the other side's frame was left the original nickel silver color. The reel has a rubber crank, and the fish catching implement was designed for fly fishing.

The Sears Company manufactured a reel created for catching large-mouth bass called the J.C. Higgins 300. It features an engraving of a largemouth bass jumping out of the water in addition to the J.C. Higgins logo. Two crank handles set on the reel are produced from a durable rubber, and the device is nickel plated.

The green handled J.C. Higgins 100 reel includes a geometric pattern stamped on the base and is constructed from nickel plating.

Another collectible reel manufactured by Sears under the J.C. Higgins logo is the 779 model. The base of the reel is painted black with the top of the device painted a brick red. Additionally, the reel is embossed with the J.C. Higgins and Sears Roebuck label.

Even though the company has replaced the J.C. Higgins brand with Ted Williams to sell its new line of sporting goods, collectors should consider that the original brand was produced until 1961 at a time of quality American construction. Therefore, adding a J.C. Higgins reel to a collection of tackle will add a piece of American history to a collector's display of fishing equipment.