Vintage Martin Fishing Lures

Jack Martin was a bait designer whose lures were introduced during the late 1930s. Additionally, vintage lure collectors have found Martin constructed lures that date to the mid-40s. Jack Martin noted on the box print that each piece was hand-painted. He also notified buyers that his lure's tail spinners could be replaced.

Martin Salmon Plug w 2PC Cardboard Box/Mackerel ColorAntique Martin Fish Yellow Red Gill Plug Glass Eyes w/BoxVintage Martin White Red Head Fishing Lure 3B-1 w/boxOld Vintage Martin 6K5-11 Silver Scale Salmon Fishing Lure
Four beautiful vintage Martin Plug Lures with original boxes.

Vintage Martin lures will complete any collector's tackle display. The Martin's Lizzard lure is painted green with wide tan stripes and is approximately four and a half inches long. Also, the natural glass eyes will fool large lake fish into taking a bite. In fact, Martin's boxes claim that it's the lure "that gets the big ones." Also, the Lizzard lure features red embellishments around the eyes and a silver spoon to prevent the device from getting caught on lake debris.

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Lure collectors may come across a Lizzard lure that is painted in an orange and black tiger pattern. Additionally, the fishing enticement was sold with a white painted base and features a red head and lip. Furthermore, Martin designed his lure to float on top of the water and dive down below the surface when an angler reels it in. This motion has proven very effective and will tempt the catch of the day.

Classic Martin Lizzard Fishing LureMartin Lizzard Fishing Lure 530 YSF
Classic Martin Lizzard Lures

Collectors may also be interested in Martin's Panther lure, which can be found in a yellow wood plug with red spot enhancements along with a large silver tag that labels the fishing mechanism. Also, the Panther lures will feel heavy compared to their size.

The weight element causes the lure to plunge down deep into the water and attract larger trout. Collectors who fish with their vintage lures will find that the Panther lure works well for creek fishing. Another lure released in this line is a black plug with a gold blade that features the Martin label.

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Jack Martin also designed numerous wooden fishing lures. The base of the enticement is painted in a bright yellow with a net pattern in red and green. The bright yellow eyes will fool a number of fish, and the two treble hooks will keep them on the line. Also, the five inch size will appeal to larger fish.

Vintage Martin GE Western Bass Plug Wood Spotted Frog CrankbaitVintage Martin Fly Rod Lure Fat Salmon PlugWooden martin salmon plug 6
A few more classic, collectible vintage Martin plug bait samples.

Another Martin lure for collectors to add to their tackle box is the white plug with red embellishments. Moreover, this fish attracting device has realistic yellow glass eyes and two treble hooks. The lure was produced in a three inch size.

Jack Martin also designed lures for salmon fishing. Collectors of these vintage lures will be interested in the bright colors of gold, red and green. This classic piece of fishing equipment is five inches long and has two hooks set in the bottom of the lure. A lip is attached at the nose, which will allow the lure to avoid water rubble.

Lot of 6 Vintage Martin Lizzard Lures
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In 1937, the Martin Salmon fishing lure was introduced and collectors may be able to find it painted in a unique color combination with a cream toned base and a tan back.

Another traditional Martin lure that will intrigue collectors is the Jointed Salmon Plug. The lure is six inches long and may be recognized by the white base along with the light brown painted net pattern. Lure collectors will appreciate the added embellishment of red paint. Meanwhile, the yellow glass eyes add a quality detail.

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Lure aficionados will be interested in adding the vintage Martin Mackerel Rigger lure to their collection of fishing equipment. The lure is bright blue with yellow eyes, and the designer added red enhancements with two treble hooks located under the belly.

The superior detail of Martin lures will captivate collectors and convince them to own more than one. Furthermore, anglers with a preference for using classic bait will be pleased with the fish tempting quality of a Martin lure.