Vintage Moonlight Fishing Lures

The Moonlight Fishing Club was created by a group of members who worked long hours during the day, which left them little time to fish when the sun was shining. Fortunately, the association discovered that bass still fed at night and they began fishing together after the sun had set.

Vintage Moonlight Bass Seeker Wood Fishing Lure w/Box

Horace Ball and Charles Varney were members of the club and saw the need for bait that could be used at night. During the month of December in 1908, the Moonlight Bait Company was formed. Horace Ball's job was quiet during the day and he was able to build his lures as he worked. This allowed him to create enough lures to sell.

Antique Moonlight Musky Pikaroon 3 Hook Skunk colorMoonlight Baby Sea Gull 3-1/4 inch Wood Lure SchoenfielMoonlight Feathered Minnow LureVintage Moonlight Solid Luminous 1 Floating Bait/Fishing Lure Cup
Moonlight Lures are old and even the most worn pieces are likely to have some collectible value.

The Floating Bait was the first lure released by the Moonlight Bait Company. The lure was coated with luminous paint, which caused the lure to glow in nighttime water. Often, these vintage lures still glow in the dark offering collectors an added bonus.

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Vintage lure enthusiasts will be thrilled when they locate the Trout Bob lure. This lure is among the rarest of Moonlight's classic lures and was produced in 1911. The body of the lure is painted cream and features a treble hook at the tail along with a red feather addition for added movement when it's cast into water or reeled back in to shore.

>Old Wood Moonlight 99 Weedless Fishing LureMoonlight Series 1900 Wobbler LureOld Wood Moonlight LUre with Glass EyesVintage Moonlight 3302 Rainbow Colored Fishing Lure
A weedless 99, 1900 Wobbler, Glass eyed Wobbler &" 3302 Rainbow colored Moonlight Lure.

Also in 1911, the Moonlight Bait Company created the Fish Nipple lure. The lure was constructed with added weight for greater water depths along with horsehair to attract fish. The Nipple fishing device is one of Moonlight's first lures.


Zig-Zag bait was on store shelves in 1913 and can be recognized by its crudeness. Most of these lures were coated in paint that was runny and Zig-Zags often lack the refinement that can be found in other lures designed at the time. However, the company's later editions feature detailed finishes, and collectors may be interested in owning one of these vintage lures for their basic qualities.

Vintage Moonlight Bait Company Little Wonder Fishing LureVintage Moonlight Jointed Pikaroon Lure MinnowZig Zag Moonlight Bait Lure 1913Vintage Moonlight Red &
Classic Moonlight fishing lures like these can still be found on internet auction sites like eBay.

The Ladybug Wiggler is a lure that any collector would be proud to add to their collection. The lure was produced from 1915 to 1916 and features legs that were added through airbrushing. The lure was left unpainted and aficionados will value its classic wood coloring.

Also in 1916, the company introduced The Bug. Its complicated construction by the use of a lathe makes the fishing implement a true collectible. The lure is painted a light buttery yellow with a bright red head for added contrast while the lure's two treble hooks are set beneath the main body section.

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In the 1920s, the bait producer changed the company name to Moonlight Bait and Novelty Works. The Minnow lure was also created at this time. These are colorful lures that will add diversity to a collector's tackle display. The minnows were distributed in color combinations of green with lighter and darker shades of green enhancements along with a red base that featured black spots and yellow highlights. The lures were constructed with a treble hook at the tail, and the eyes are painted in black and yellow.

The Pikaroon lure is one of the most sophisticated lures released by Moonlight. The lure is painted in a deep shade of ruby red with dark blood red highlights. It has a yellow stripe around its nose with an orange tip. Furthermore, the lure was built with two treble hooks. One is set under the lure's head while the other is on belly. The company produced different colors for the Pikaroon lure and collectors may also find it in a perch finish with a scale pattern.

Classic lures collected from the original Moonlight Bait Company's line will give anglers an opportunity to experience fishing with bait that knows a thing or two about catching fish.