Vintage Paw Paw Fishing Lures

When it comes to collectible fishing lures, the Paw Paw Bait Company has certainly made it's mark on this hobby! Some of these vintage lures are amongst the most sought after memorabilia pieces in the world by top collectors and dealers.

Antique woodMoonlight Paw Paw Frog Fishing LureVintage Paw Paw Platypus 3500 Lure 1941Vintage Paw Paw Minnow Wood Fishing Lure w/BoxPaw Paw Wooden Fly Rod Mouse LureAntique Paw Paw Wotta Frog Fishing LureWood Moonlight Paw Paw Feather Minnow Bait
Highly collectible Paw Paw lures like these can still be found today thanks to the internet.

Twenty years ago, finding specific models, styles and colors from this brand for your collection was not an easy task. Even if you were a hardcore collector "in the know", you still had to make your rounds at the conventions all over the state, if not the country to find the quality, rare pieces needed!

Paw Paw Aristocrat Shiner Minnow Wood LurePaw Paw Popper 2200 Plunker Lure in Silver Flitter WoodenPaw Paw Young Wounded Minnow 1500 LurePaw Paw Little Shiner in Perch Tough Early 1940sVintage Paw Paw Aristocrat Torpedo Fishing Lure-WoodenVintage Paw Paw Dopie Lure
Vintage Paw Paw lures like these can be found for under $20 on the internet!

"Ebay is a great way to source Paw Paw vintage lures at low, discount prices!"

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Locating antique and vintage Paw Paw lures today is a lot easier thanks to the internet. It is quite possible to find some very respectable pieces on internet auction sites and dealer websites, and all from the comfort of your own home.

Paw Paw Baby Jointed Pike Wood Lure w/Black HardwarePaw Paw Aristocrat Torpedo #2400 Wood LurePaw Paw Wood Plunker Type LureTuff Paw Paw Bonehead Jeweled Eye LureVintage Paw Paw 9108 Fishing Lure Frog Splatter FinishVintage Wood Paw Paw Crawdad Lure
I found these old Paw Paw's for $20-$30 each online. Some pretty nice pieces for the price!

Imagine finding an old Paw Paw Bullhead lure from the 1930's, a vintage caster minnow or Crawdad fishing lure? These types of lures are bought and sold everyday! I've even seen the rare Frog Legs with hair lure and the Wotta being offered more than a few times in the span of a month or so!

Paw Paw Wotta Frog Old Vintage Wood Bass Fishing Lure w/HairVintage Paw Paw 3 Hook Underwater Lure-Rainbow ColorVintage Paw Paw Bullhead LurePaw Paw Moonlight Mouse 54 Wood Fishing Lure White-RedPaw Paw Pikie Wood Lure in Fire FinishVintage Paw Paw Lure 905 w/Box
Nice Paw Paw collectibles generally go for $35-$50 depending on condition &" mood of the seller!

Sometimes you can even find "lots" of Paw Paw classic fishing lures posted! This is especially nice if you are starting out with this hobby because you'll get a jump start on some lures for your display and you'll usually get a better bargain. Buying in this way has yielded me some surprisingly good finds over the years. In fact, some of these lots have been nothing short of amazing!

Paw Paw Plunker Frog Color 3 inch Wood-Tack EyesPaw Paw No. 6300 Wood LureVintage Paw Paw Woden Lure-Mint Green ColorVintage Paw Paw Flat Nose Bass SeekerVintage Wooden Paw Paw Runt Fishing LureClassic jointed paw paw black gold scale 3.5
I was thrilled to find these classic Paw Paw lures on the internet for under $10 each!

Whether you are a hard core collector of Paw Paw fishing lures, a hobbyist or even an avid fisherman who prefers older wooden bait, you can certainly find what you need that also fits into your budget. Buying "well fished" Paw Paw lures can save you a bundle and makes for exciting bait for your next outing! You may have to replace a hook or fix a lip, maybe touch up the paint or replace an eye, but you'll end up with a classic Paw Paw lure and the fish won't know the difference!