Vintage Pflueger Fishing Lures

Being one of the oldest fishing lure companies in the USA, Pflueger is a very popular name amongst collectors today. Some of the finest antique lure displays contain many pieces by this maker.

Pflueger Globe Wood Fishing Lure Red &Vintage Pflueger See-Through Fat 5 HK Lure Wood Slate 1930s Pflueger Delavan 4 Bulldog Crankbait SpoonPflueger Heart Shape Spinner 3 Bulldog Stamp Metal BaitPflueger Muskill No. 2460 9 Vintage LurePflueger Zam Weedless Spoon Old Twin Spinner
A nice variety of classic, vintage collectible Pflueger fishing lures.

The old wooden lures are particularly sought after and there's even a few old Pflueger boxes made of wood that are rare and highly collectible today.

Finding affordable Pflueger bait for your collection is relatively easy on the internet. There are plenty of decent looking lures for sale on collector web sites and auction sites that won't break your wallet. Great for hobbyists or folks just starting out.

Vintage Pflueger Pal-O-Mine 5006 Nat w BoxPflueger Palomine 1930s Jointed MinnowVintage Pflueger Palomine Rare Scramble ColorPflueger pal-o-mine 5000 small 2/34Pflueger Palomine Natural Pike Scale 5004 w/Box 1940s
The Pflueger Pal O Mine lures are some of the most sought after collector pieces of today!

The high quality Pflueger lures are out there too! Of course, you can expect to pay more for those that are in mint condition or extremely rare, but just the fact that they are available for purchase is amazing when you think just 20 years ago it would be almost impossible to find such beautiful collectibles!

"The best selection of Pflueger Fishing Lures can be found on eBay at discount bargain prices!"

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Today you can just log onto your computer and shop from your own home at your own pace. My favorite way to shop for vintage, antique lures is internet auctions like eBay.

PFLUEGER MUSTANG MINNOW_BABY FLOATING FISHING TACKLEPflueger Mustand in Squid Red Scale Finish w/Original BoxPflueger Wood Model 9509 Mustang Minnow Blue Mullet ColorPflueger Mustang Wood Lure 3T Red Head Silver FlittersVintage Pflueger Mustang Minnow w/Box Red Side Scale Fin
These are some fine looking display condition Vintage Pflueger Mustang Lures!

First, I can search for what I want. Second, I can bid a price that fits my budget. If I don't win, I can come back in a few days and see if there's another listing for that lure and try again. Prices fluctuate quite a bit on collecible lures. It just depends on the seller and the demand at the time.

Vintage Pflueger Breakless Devon Casting Minnow Lure w/BoxPflueger Pal-O-Mine in White Enamel Red Splash Gold SparksAntique Wood Pflueger Muskie Mustang Fishing Lure w/Box &
Sometimes you get it all...lure, box &" papers!

Imagine finding a rare Pflueger Contract Globe in The Otter 1914 box, or a Tuff 1911 Neverfail GE 3 Hook lure with early rainbow finish? Maybe a Bull Dog Spinner or a Wizzard Wiggler or Poprite will pop up on a search.

1911 Four Brothers Underwater Minnow Pflueger Enterprise MFPflueger Phantom Minnow Size 1 #1511 Brown Trout in Original BoxPflueger Vintage Ballerina Minnow Scale Yellow BellyVintage Pflueger Neverfail Wooden Minnow w/Glass EyesPflueger Neverfail Minnow Lure 5 Hook
Minnows are popular with all artificial bait companies. The Pflueger lure Co. is no different!

Finds like these happen everyday and they can certainly happen for you! It amazes me even today how many fantastic vintage Pflueger lures are listed on eBay and other sites. That's great news for us collectors. More listings means better choices and lower prices. Best of all, it means more lures for my Pflueger display!