Vintage Pflueger Fishing Reels

Ernest F. Pflueger was one of the first inventors of fishing tackle. He was born in Germany and spent numerous years working as a molder. In 1868, he built a home in Akron, Ohio, and began working for the Erie Stove Company. Later, he found employment in the grocery industry.

Vintage 1920s Pflueger Jewel Summit Fishing Reel Level Wind TypeVintage Pflueger Skilkast 1953 Jewel Fishing ReelVintage Pflueger Rocket Level Wind Fishing Reel w/Box-TagsVintage Pflueger Trump 1943 Anit-Back-Lash Level Wind ReelVintage Pflueger Summit 1993 L Fishing Reel
Pflueger vintage classics like these are highly sought after reels today.

Pflueger never lost his childhood inventiveness and by 1880, he was responsible for requesting more than 50 different patents. He began his fishing tackle business during the 1860s and sold fish hooks. Pflueger expanded into bait and the company grew. His son Ernest A. Pflueger was born in Akron and by the time he was 15, the younger Pflueger was working for his father.

Ernest Sr. died in 1890 and his son took over the managerial responsibilities of the tackle business. In 1916, the company introduced its first reel, which was the baitcast reel. It was produced in Akron and soon became an industry standard. During 1954, the Pflueger Company issued its spinning reel.

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Collectors of vintage Pflueger reels will be interested in the Progress 1774 Fly Reel. The Progress reel was produced from 1948 to 1952 with the frame of the device constructed in brass and the spool built from aluminum. The handle is a dark mahogany plastic material and the reel is manufactured for use by a left or right handed angler. The striking Progress reel will add a rich quality to any collector's display case.

Vintage pflueger taxie bulldog large 6Vintage Pflueger Medalist Fly Reel Akron, Ohio USAVintage Pflueger Medalist Model 1492 AK Fly Reel Classic Vintage Pflueger Medalist USA Fly Fishing mid size Reel 1494 Diamolite Line RingPflueger Progress Raised Pillar Fly Reel Brassl
Classic Pflueger fly reels. Many fisherman prefer these over newer models!

Another Progress edition reel for collectors to acquire is the Skeleton, which is a fly reel with a raised pillar that was built as a single action fish catching device. This unique reel features an amber handle with the base painted black.

Pflueger produced an automatic fly reel titled the Superex. The reel is painted black with cream around the frame. Additionally, the cream color is located in the middle of the reel. Extra enhancements include a braid pattern and the Made In Akron, Ohio label. Classic unused reels can be found by collectors, and fishermen with a preference for classic equipment will be pleased with the performance of the Superex.

Antique Pflueger 1365 Rocket ReelVintage Pflueger Rocket 1375 Large Casting ReelVintage Pflueger Spin Casting Reel PolarisVintage Pflueger Summit Casting ReelVintage Pflueger Supreme 511 Casting Reel
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Determined vintage Pflueger collectors will be pleased to add a Medalist reel to their display. This unique fish catching device can be found in the classic nickel plating and features an amber crank. Anglers with vintage reels like the Medalist on their poles will appreciate the quality of the reel's manufacturing. It measures at three a half inches across and collectors can recognize an original from the Trade Mark label stamped in the center of the reel's base.

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A vintage Redifor reel built by Pflueger is a desirable addition for collectors of classic angling equipment. A fine nickel finish was the reel's main material. Furthermore, it includes a dark plastic handle and fortunate collectors may even find the Redifor edition with the original leather container.

Another classic reel for collectors to consider is the Pflueger 1558 Fly Reel. The device was produced in Akron, Ohio, and is five and a half inches wide. The reel includes an adjustable drag and anglers can remove the spool. Additionally, the reel was built for deep lake fishing to pull in large sized trout. The fishing implement also has a sliding click and is manufactured out of brass with a pristine nickel finish.

Anglers who prefer to reel in their catch with a classic reel should consider Pflueger's 577 Supreme. The reel is three and a half inches wide. Moreover, the fishing implement's frame and back is painted black while the front base section is constructed from nickel plating. The reel was built in the 1960s and was a technological advancement with its ability to pull in a big salmon.

The Pflueger Company's long history of building reliable fishing equipment will add value to the collection of reels located by persistent collectors.