Vintage Shakespeare Fishing Reels

The Shakespeare Company is renowned for its quality production of tackle equipment. William Henry Shakespeare applied for patent approval of his new fishing reel invention on May 13th, 1897. He was given approval for his device on October 5th, 1897.

William's reel design was not the first to receive a patent. However, his was the first device to be created with two level carriage bolts, which he used to hold the reel's encircled line-guide on a wedge as to wind the line back onto the reel evenly while other reels designed at the time were made with a failed single thread.

Old Shakespeare Criterion Fishing Reel 1961Shakespeare 1975 President Model DH Fishing ReelVintage Shakespeare President II Fishing Reel 1981 Model DVintage Shakespeare Wonderreel 1920 Model GA Casting Vintage shakespeare 2062-2 model ef w/6
Vintage Shakespeare reels like these are highly sought after by both collectors & avid anglers!

Shakespeare was given financial help by his father's bank to manufacture his reel invention for anglers around the world and started his company in 1889. The era faced difficult economic times, but the Shakespeare Company successfully produced refined silver-plated reels using jewelry manufacturing equipment that the designer had owned from a previous business.

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William's first reel was the Style C, which was initially created with screws installed on the head plate section. Later, the company updated the design to include attached bolts on the head and tail sections of the reel to increase its durability. Furthermore, the Style C reel included a thumb activated glide to activate the click and was labeled handmade.

Shakespeare's next reel was the Vom Hoff. The reel was introduced in 1901 and included several similarities to the Style C such as the thumb controlled glide and the handmade label. However, the Vom Hoff differed in that it was constructed of deep black sturdy rubber with elegant silver plating along the end plates and ornamental pillars.

Old Fishing Fly Reel/Shakespeare Silent Tru Art 1827Vintage Shakespeare Fly Fishing ReelVintage shakespeare 4-1/4Vintage Shakespeare Fly Reel 1899 HFShakespeare Kazoo Raised Pillar Skeleton Type Fly Fishing Reel
A few Shakespeare Vintage Fly Reels for display or actual fishing.

In 1902, the tackle company released three new reels for anglers. The reels were given the names The Professional, The Service and The Standard. Moreover, they were built with fine materials that included nickel silver and steel from the English Stubbs Company.

The Style A Level Wind reel was the first device to feature the Shakespeare label. It was hand engraved and located on the reel's headplate. Additionally, the reel was built personally by William using German nickel silver ensuring its desirability by collectors of vintage equipment.

During the early 1920s, anglers could purchase three different Shakespeare reels that were built in the single-action style and were perfect for catching trout. These reels were called The Winner, The Kazoo and The Featherweight. Collectors will appreciate adding a reel to their display of fishing tackle with the angling history of these early designs.

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Collectors can still find Shakespeare's Wondereel. The reel dates back to the early 1920s and offered anglers several new design elements such as an updated drag apparatus along with a mechanical balancing adjustment cap. The reel is labeled with the Wondereel title and the Shakespeare brand. Furthermore, it was built using the nickel plating that William preferred.

Anglers who use vintage fishing reels may consider investing in the Shakespeare Triumph Level Wind reel. The device was introduced during the late 1920s and is built out of silver nickel plating. The reel is marked with the Shakespeare label on the base and includes a black rubber crank handle.

The Shakespeare Tru Art reel is a stunning tackle item for collectors of vintage reels to acquire. The reel is painted green and features nickel plating around the base in addition to the center of the reel. Furthermore, it was designed as an automatic fly reel. Additionally, the reel's durable construction will please anglers who fish with classic equipment.

The Shakespeare Company is renowned for its construction of affordable quality reels, and collectors who add a Shakespeare reel to their procurement of tackle can feel confident in their reel's value.