Vintage Shimano Fishing Reels

Reel designer Shozaburo Shimano was an innovator from Sakai City. At one time, the city was famous for the craft of iron working, which produced gun barrels and swords. Shimano had the opportunity to work the land with his father, but chose to train at a blacksmithing center instead.

In 1921, the developer began the Shimano Iron Works Company in his hometown. At the plant, he manufactured the bicycle freewheel. Within 10 years of starting his company, the innovator was distributing his freewheels to China.

The company was renamed Shimano Industrial Co., Ltd. in 1951. A few years later, in 1956, the company began producing its legendary external speed shifters, which lets a bicycle rider change gears.

Vintage Shimano LP-7 Heavy Duty Spinning ReelVintage Shimano Lew Childre BB-1 Lews Speed Spool Fishing ReelVintage Shimano Speedmaster TSM200FS Bait Casting Reel w/Fightin StarShimano Aero 2000R Spinning Reel
A variety vintage classic Shimano fishing reels.

During the 1970s, the company began expanding its product line, and by the end of the decade, it had started manufacturing fishing tackle. The Bantam reels were first sold in 1978, and the X-line rods were introduced in 1981.

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Collectors can find Shimano Bantam reels in original condition. The Bantam fishing equipment is attention-grabbing with its trademark Shimano crest along with the engraving that states the reel is "Designed for Professionals." Additionally, the reel features a swirly design, and the title Bantam stamped on its base. The device is constructed from a solid silver material, and the comfort grip handles will keep anglers fishing all weekend.

Shimano Bantam 100 Vintage Fishing ReelClassic Shimano Bantam 50 Fishing ReelVintage Shimano Bantam 1000 Sg Tournament BaitcasterVintage Shimano Bantam Curado 100 Reel Red Color
Vintage Shimano Bantam models are highly sought after fishing reels even today!
Vintage Shimano Bantam 300 Fishing ReelVintage Gold Shimano Bantam Pro Mag 100XSG RH ProfessionalShimano Bantam Mag-Plus 251 X SG Vintage Fishing Reel

The Shimano Spirex 1000 spinning reel was built with the meticulous attention to detail that Shimano products are known for. Fortunate collectors may find the Spirex 1000 reel with original additions such as an extra spool and the instruction manual. The reel was built with a double paddle handle and can hold up to 270 yards of fishing line. Also, the reel is painted grey and includes a black Spirex label on the side.

Anglers who collect vintage reels for the quality and durability of classic devices will be interested in adding the Shimano Calais 200-5 reel to their tackle boxes. The reel is manufactured from stainless steel and weighs just over nine ounces. Additionally, the fishing implement can hold from 125 to 215 yards of fishing line depending on the line's size. Two rubber crank handles will ensure that an angler won't lose their grip when pulling a fish from the water.

Vintage Shimano Triton 200 GT Level Wind Fishing ReelVintage Shimano CB-100 Fishing Reel new in boxsShimano Triton Mark 1 Casting Trolling-Live Bait Reel new w/Box
Vintage Shimano reels can still be purchased un-used with original box.

During the 70s, Shimano introduced the Lew Childre Speed Spool BB-1, which is a striking casting reel. Collectors will be able to locate this fishing device in mint condition. Also, the reel is constructed with crackle pattern black paint while the reel's inner workings remain stainless steel. The angling appliance is marked with the Lew's Speed Spool label that depicts a bronze leaping bass. The reel is also stamped with the Shimano name and is built with two wide crank handles.

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Shimano manufactured the Sustain 5000FB saltwater spinning reel in a quality stainless steel material. The reel includes a natural mahogany wood handle along with a wood inlay. Moreover, anglers will find that the fishing implement has a smooth pulling crank, and the brass enhancements add diversity to the reel.

An original Shimano Mix 300 Fast Cast reel will increase the value of a collector's tackle box. The reel is painted black, and anglers will know they've found a classic piece when they see the "Fast Cast System" logo amongst the decorative embellishment under the Shimano Mix label.

A fresh fish dinner is waiting for anglers with a preference for using vintage Shimano fishing equipment to catch their limit. For example, the Shimano FX200 classic fishing reel will help an angler bring a fish in fast. Also, it is manufactured from graphite with a silver embellishment around the frame, and the sturdy rubber handle will feel solid in an angler's hands.

The precision of the Shimano Industrial Company's reels are unsurpassed. Furthermore, collectors with an authentic Shimano reel in their display will own an attractive fishing implement that is deadly for fish.