Vintage South Bend Fishing Lures

Being one of the oldest bait & tackle companies in the USA, South Bend is a brand that many lure collectors seek for their displays. Famous for both salt water & fresh water lures, there's plenty of vintage pieces available today for people enjoying this hobby.

Rare South Bend Muskie Surf Oreno RSF Wood Lure MinnowVintage South Bend GE HPGM 3 Hook Lure Yellow BottomVintage South Bend Tarp Oreno Wood Saltwater Fishing LureSouth Bend Wood 5 Hook Minnow Fishing LureSouth Bend Vacuum Bait Fishing LureSouth Bend Bass-Oreno Black Glass Eyes
Some fantastic examples of highly collectible South Bend vintage fishing lures.

This brand has experienced a lot of business shuffle, buy outs, name changes and power shifts over the years, and there are many collectible fishing lures with names other than South Bend, yet still associated with the South Bend name.

South Bend Fin Dingo Lure Circa Early 1950s Goldfish

Finding antique and vintage South Bend collectibles is an easy task on the internet. Between auction, dealer and collector sites on the web, there are hundreds of nice lures listed daily, and many at bargain prices!

Vintage South Bend Midget Teas Oreno 936 Wooden Fishing LureVintage Babe Oreno Wooden South Bend LureVintage South Bend Jointed Pike Oreno SilverSouth Bend Trout Oreno Improved Hardware Lure 1930'sVintage South Bend Oreno Popper Flyrod Wood Lure Bass BugSouth Bend Cup Rig Dive-Oreno No. 952 RW Lure
I found these Classic South Bend lures on a popular internet auction site for $10-$25 each!

I particularly like the auction sites like eBay. I can search for exactly what I am looking for and often find it. If the price is right, or the bidding is still low, I go for it! If it's too high, I move on and wait a day or two. Chances are good another will show up and I'll try again!

"The best selection of South Bend Vintage Fishing Lures can be found on eBay at low, discount prices!"

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I think online auction sites are a great way to obtain lures if you are just starting a collection or if you want to buy them cheap for actual use. Not all collectors are showcasing their vintage lures. Many are avid fishermen who swear by these old designs!

Classic South Bend Pike Oreno Fishing Lure in Red & WhiteSouth Bend Optic Crankbait Plug Fishing Lure 1950sVintage South Bend Original Spin I Diddee Fishing LureSouth Bend Babe Oreno Wood Frog Fishing LureSouth Bend Midge Oreno Wood Crankbait Plug LureSouth Bend Spin I Didde Wood Minnow Plug Bait
These fishing lures sold for under $10 each! Not highly collectible, but still classic South Bend bait!

Sometimes incredible bargains can be found on classic, vintage South Bend lures. Inexperienced sellers will often list rare lures at low prices or have it end in the middle of the night when nobody is awake, providing a fantastic opportunity for those paying attention!

Imagine finding an old South Bend Wobbler in mint condition with the box, or a 1920's Wiz-Oreno or a salt water Oreno Teaser. It happens everyday! Life with the internet has truly made this age the best time in history for vintage lure collectors to obtain rare or scare pieces for their collections!

South Bend Underwater Minnow Lure L3985South Bend Bait Co. Luminous Tack Eye Bass Oreno Fishing LureSouth bend sun spot 2South Bend Fly Rod Surf Oreno LureVintage South Bend Flyrod Wood Pecker Fishing LureSouth Bend Trout Oreno Rare Color Shadow Wave Yellow Black
At $25-$35 each, I thought these were a good deal. Excellent for a South Bend starter collection.

One of my favorite methods for obtaining lures is buying in "lots" and there are plenty of South Bend listings like this. You never really know what you are going to get with the bigger lots. These are often a full tackle box full of lures left behind by a Grandfather or Uncle, found by a nephew, and listed just to get rid of them and make a quick buck.

South Bend Goplunk Vintage Fishing LureOld South Bend Wood Whirl Oreno LureVintage South Bend Fish Oreno Red Head Orange LureVintage South Bend Twirl O Reno Fishing Lure BaitVintage South Bend Fin Dingo 1 Fishing Lure
These old South Bend lures would be respectable to most collectors. Sold for $40-$60 each.

This can turn into a real gold mine for us collectors! While finding that elusive lure the entire world is after rarely happens, good and even great finds occur in lot buys. If you are looking for bait to use on your next outing, this might be for you! Parts can be found too. Eyes, hooks, lips and just about anything that might break. It's also a great way to jump start a collection if you are new to the hobby. South Bend is a great name to have and this way you can start off on the right track without breaking the bank.

Whether you are a hardcore collector, an avid angler or a brand new hobbyist to this game, there are certainly some great South Bend fishing lures out there. Newer lures, classics, vintage, salt water, fresh water, you name it and they've manufactured it. You can't go wrong with South Bend in your collection!