Vintage Stan Gibbs Fishing Lures

Lure maker Stan Gibbs started his company during 1946. He was a talented craftsman who whittled his designs by hand and created wooden fishing lures that dependably caught fish at a record rate.

Vintage Stan Gibbs Cast a Lure Squid in w/Box P 5/8 Minty
Classic Stan Gibbs Cast-A-Lure

What began as a passion for fishing turned into a career with Stan Gibbs producing lures that have names such as Polaris Popper, Needlefish and Darter. Furthermore, Gibbs manufactured lures with unique distinctions. However, one element that each of his lures shared was casting distance as Stan knew how to build a lure that could fly through the wind and land further into the water, within range of resting fish, than other lures.

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The company is still manufacturing lures today and is now owned by Dan Smalley and Dennis Ryan who have continued to produce the lures by hand. Gibbs Lures is much larger today. However, the owners still put each lure through a 50 or more step process before a device is sent to a store to be sold.

Vintage Stan Gibbs Cast-A-Lure Blue P 5/8 oz 4 inch w/BoxVintage Stan Gibbs Cast-A-Lure White D-1 5/8 oz/5.5 inch with BoxVintage Stan Gibbs Cast-A-Lure Wood Saltwater Buzzards Bay
These Stan Gibbs "Cast-A-Lure" classics would look great in any collectors display!

Interestingly, Stan Gibbs only ever used five types of packaging. Collectors of vintage Gibbs lures should look for classic fishing equipment in the white introduction box, a red box with a separate top and bottom, the tube packaging, the plastic cardboard box or the Stan Gibbs plastic bags. Another tip regarding the collection of Gibbs lures is to check the packaging for the Buzzards Bay address or Cast-a-Lure print as any other scripting will indicate that the lure was constructed after the business left Stan's control.

Connoisseurs of classic fishing bait will be thrilled to add the Polaris lure to their collections. At just over two inches, the lure is the perfect length to attract the interest of good-size fish. Furthermore, the lure is unpainted and features the natural wood coloring that it was carved from. The lure is protected with a clear coat of varnish, and the eyes are hand-painted in a bright shade of yellow.

Vintage Stan Gibbs GTS 2oz Swimming Trolling LureVintage Stan Gibbs Polaris Fishing Lure
Saltwater Fishing & Stan Gibbs is a Perfect Fit!

Another detail of the Polaris lure is the wire strung through the hardware, which adds support for the treble hook located on the underside of the fishing device. Also, the lure features a white tail for added visibility as an angler reels it in.

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Vintage Stan Gibbs fish temptations include the Darter lure. This handy device was produced in the Silver Eel color and in numerous sizes for a greater selection. The smallest Darter lure measures at just three and a half inches long. Additionally, the lure is constructed to be cast into the current and is equipped with two treble hooks. One hook is set at the tail while the other is placed under the belly.

The Gibbs One Eye Wiggler was produced in a nickel finish at just over three and a half inches long. It has a unique round head with a red bead set in the middle to mimic an eye. The treble hook will keep a large fish attached to the line, and the classic lure will complete most angler's bait sets.

Vintage Stan Gibbs Saltwater Striper Surf Fishing LureStan Gibbs Saltwater Striper Surf Lure
Two Stan Gibbs Saltwater Striper Lures

Another vintage Gibbs tackle item is the Minnow Jigging lure, which was also produced with a red bead eye. The lure was constructed in several different sizes and includes scale details along with a classic single hook. Furthermore, collectors may be able to find the minnow with different colored heads such a lemon yellow or red.

The Gibbs Cast-A-Lure Popper is an eye-catching piece of bait with its bright blue back and white belly that's painted to mimic waves. The fishing device is just under five inches long and has yellow painted eyes. Additionally, it features two treble hooks along with a tail for added fish enticement.

Vintage Gibbs Lures were built to last, and anglers can feel confident when stringing a classic Gibbs onto their fishing line that a nice big fish will take notice.