Vintage Storm & Rapala Fishing Lures

There are many collectors who seek out the original vintage Storm lures, pre-Rapala, and there are still plenty of those to choose from on the internet, especially on eBay.

Storm Wiggle Wart V63 Naturistic Green Craw Blue Label Pr.Discontinued Pre Rapala Suspending Storm Wiggle WartVintage pre-Rapala Storm Wiggle Wart V181 Prizm Flash BlueStorm Short Wiggle Wart 1991 Bass MastersStorm Wiggle Wart Pre-Rapala Written Under ChinCustom Painted Storm Wiggle Wart by Hunter Boys Outdoors
Some very nice vintage Storm lures. This classic Wiggle Wart bait is very popular even today!

While the Storm bait can certainly be separated from Rapala, it is difficult to think of one brand without the other since both companies are so closely tied together. Storm tends to be more of a display type lure amongst collectors, whereas older Rapala tends to be bought to be fished.

Custom Painted Rapala Shad Rap SR-5 & SR-7 Fishing LuresRapala SSR 7 Shallow SSH Shad Rap Special ColorRapala RR7 Risto Rap Chartreuse Shad Ireland LureRapala Shallow Shad Rap SSR-7 SS Special Finland CrankbaitRapala SSR 8 CW Crawdad Shallow Shad Rap Finland Lure
One of Rapala's most famous and sought after lures is the Shad Rap.

For sure, both are often purchased for use rather than display, because of the incredibly cheap prices! It is amazing how inexpensive these two brands can be found for!

"The best selection of Storm & Rapala Fishing Lures can be found on eBay at low, discount bargain prices!"

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Many of these older fishing lures can be found brand new in the box, and are quite affordable. These are the ones most anglers buy with the purpose of using to actually catch fish with.

Vintage pre-Rapala Storm Wee Steelie Wart Lure KXV120 MetaStorm Wee Wart Lure Grey GhostLot of Storm Wee Wart pre-Rapala Crankbait Lures C33Vintage Storm Wee Wart XV 68 Flourescent RainbowVintage Storm Wee Wart XV 90 PearlVintage pre Rapala Storm Wee Wart Lure xv131 Copper
Every fisherman loves the Storm Wee Wart lures!

The single vintage Storm's are more often bought for collecting, but they too are quite cheap compared to other antique and collectible bait!

Custom Painted Rapala F-13 Original Floating Minnow Rapala F9 Original Floating FH Fathead Minnow Lure
Rapala Floating Minnow Lures

Both can be found abundantly in "lots", particularly the Rapala. This is a fantastic way to buy artificial bait lures and save a bundle too!

Rapala Deep Runner Fat Rap FR-7 GSFC IrelandRare Rapala Deep Runner Shad Rap 9cm in BSH ColorRapala Shad Rap Deep Runner SR-5-Gander Mountain Exclusive Glow
Rapala Deep Runner Lures

If you are an avid fisherman seeking Storm or Rapala lures for your next fishing outing, you've got to check out the lot listings for these brands. It can be found from 2-50 pieces, and often there is gold amongst that clutter!

Lot of 5 assorted Rapala Deep Runner Shad Rap Lures
Lots like these Rapala Deep Runners are abundant & cheap on eBay!

Whether you are an avid collector, hobbyist or a fisherman who desires older bait, you can't go wrong with the Storm or Rapala vintage fishing lures!